Apply Now: The Best YMCA Scholarships In 2022

Are you employed by the Y and require financial aid to attend college? You could be qualified to receive a YMCA scholarships. Learn more about the possibilities available to full-time and part-time employees of the YMCA.

The YMCA Scholarship Program is on for candidates who meet the criteria. Are you a YMCA employee in need of aid with college expenses? You might be eligible to receive a YMCA Scholarship. In this article, we will be discussing more in-depth about YMCA scholarships.

What is a YMCA scholarship?

YMCA, or the “Y” according to some reference to the group, was a recognizable group because it has defined the childhood of many. Find out about YMCA scholarships and the process for applying to be eligible for the award in this blog.

The YMCA (Young Men’s Christian Association) is among the longest-running and most significant movements for youth around the globe. It was founded in 1844, is present in 120 countries, and provides services to around 58 million people.

YMCA associations are deeply rooted in their communities. They offer various programs and services based on the local context and priorities issues affecting their communities youth.

There are local and federal scholarship opportunities offered by the YMCA. The amount of the scholarship varies based on the grant opportunities. It is recommended to contact your local YMCA and find out whether they offer any scholarships to members. The YMCA does not provide its national scholarship to current employees of the company.

The YMCA Scholarship Program of YMCA San Diego County is intended for the employees at YMCA San Diego, California, USA.

Eligible Country

There is no limitation to the countries that can be eligible for International scholarships, whereas local scholarships are only available to the nation offering them.

Scholarship Worth

The YMCA scholarship operates based on reimbursement. So, when you are awarded the YMCA grant, they will demand that you pay your college expenses with the amount they reward you. They will then issue an invoice for reimbursement later on.

There isn’t a set limit for the YMCA scholarships. The amount of money awarded to each YMCA scholarship differs yearly, and you may receive more in one year than you’ll receive in the following.

The Goal and the benefits of YMCA

The volunteer will be paid an allowance per week per ESC guidelines. They may choose to stay with a host family that will provide meals and lodging, or we will help with the cost of these if they wish to locate their accommodation. Transport costs are covered, and volunteers will be given access to the Leap card and a bicycle.

The volunteer will be able to gain access to on-site and mid-way training, along together with international volunteers. The YMCA offers induction and child protection training and conferences on issues important for youth volunteers.

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The YMCA scholarships is only open to individuals employed at the local YMCA for at least one year. Additionally, the YMCA must follow the YMCA scholarship income guidelines of the nationwide YMCA association.

How to qualify for YMCA scholarship

You can submit your application to The YMCA scholarship program online via the YMCA online application portal or complete an application form. YMCA request for scholarship form. Suppose you apply for the scholarship and submit it at your regional YCMA welcoming center after filling out the application form.

This is the step-by-step procedure for filling out the online YMCA application.

  1. Personal Info: You’ll need an account in the YMCA. So, you’ll need to sign up to complete your details. However, if you’ve already used the Y membership or programs, you can log in and proceed through the steps. Be aware that YMCA does not recommend opening two accounts. You can contact YMCA at 612-230-9622 for confirmation that you already have an account.
  2. Membership & Programs: You must be enrolled in the YMCA program as a YMCA member to continue with your application. If you’re not a YMCA member, you may select a membership option and restart your application.
  3. Personal Story: YMCA expects you to tell how winning the scholarship will benefit your household. In the box before you, write a scholarship-winning personal story.
  4. Verification Type: You must verify your household’s income by uploading the required documents like CalWorks Notification of Approval and an Identification Card. Verification could be done using one of two options: Express or Traditional.
  5. Household Income: Every adult who applies for scholarships needs to provide proof of income. Be sure to disclose all financial sources.
  6. Verify and Submit: Check all the details you’ve filled out and the supporting documents you’ve supplied. Submit your application after verification.

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YMCA Scholarships Application Rules

Can you apply for YMCA scholarship? the answer is Yes, When you’re completing your YMCA application for scholarships or once you’ve completed making your application, be sure to know these things:

  • You may apply for YMCA scholarships as often as you are eligible, such as annually before graduation.
  • If you’re using the YMCA online portal, you’ll need your branch’s number when creating your profile.

If you’d like to fill out a YMCA Welcome Centre, download and fill in the form by clicking the button below.

Application Form

Other YMCA Scholarships Opportunities

The following are the scholarships available for full-time and part-time YMCA employees. The application deadline is during the application period every year through online application through the YMCA online application site.

1. Solon B. Cousins YMCA Scholarship

The Solon B. Cousins YMCA scholarship for college is open to those admitted at one of Springfield College or George Williams College of Aurora University. Both schools have an established history of helping and training YMCA professionals. This is the reason the scholarship grants are targeted at these two schools.

There is no requirement for a YMCA Leadership Certification to apply for this scholarship, as you need for the other ones. However, you’ll need to show your goals for the future, which demonstrate dedication to the YMCA. This scholarship is designed to assist those who strive to be role models within their YMCA community.

Human service experience is a massive benefit to this award, and a resume highlighting the experience you have gained will give you the best chance of being accepted. Send your resume and application, and tell the organization why you merit the scholarship.

2. William A. Hunton Fellowship Fund

William A. Hunton was the first employee to be full-time at the YMCA in 1888. the award named in his honor keeps his memory alive. The Fellowship Fund awards minority YMCA employees the possibility to further their education and eventually become YMCA professionals in the long run.

The scholarship is open to all current full-time or part-time staff members of Hispanic or Latino, African American, Asian/Pacific Islander, or Native American/ Alaskan descent. They must complete at least one course to attain YMCA Leadership Certification, although this does not require complete accreditation.

It is also essential to demonstrate that your objectives align with becoming a YMCA professional and that you’ll keep working towards these goals following college.

3. John R. Mott Scholarship

John R. Mott Scholarship is available to YMCA senior directors who wish to enhance their abilities by furthering their education. The scholarship is offered for graduate students to assist them in becoming better YMCA professionals and further advance their careers within the organization.

The John R. Mott scholarship is open to applicants who have a Multi-Team Leader Certification or an Organizational Leader Certification to be eligible. It is also necessary to demonstrate that your goals are aligned with a future career with the YMCA.

4. Earl P. Armstrong Scholarship

The Earl P. Armstrong Scholarship is a second scholarship intended to aid those who wish to continue their professional development through graduate studies. Much like the John R. Mott Scholarship, The Earl P. Armstrong scholarship is offered to directors in the senior ranks looking to “enhance their professional effectiveness and career progression,” according to the description on their website.

The Earl P. Armstrong Scholarship has a special place in the YMCA community. The YMCA was not only Earl P. Armstrong an influential member, but he also was the first recipient of the John R. Mott Scholarship. The foundation later established its Earl P. Armstrong Scholarship to do the same for other students within the community.

To be eligible for this award, You must demonstrate a minimum of three years’ work experience with the YMCA in addition to Multi-Team Leader Certification or Organizational Leader Certification. Your career objectives must include advancement by completing the YMCA leadership program and becoming a leading figure within the group.

5. Carolyn Creager Multicultural Leadership Development Fund

The YMCA created The Carolyn Creager Multicultural Leadership Development Fund to enhance the leadership potential of various YMCA employees. The scholarship is only available to applicants from minority groups who require financial aid to attend college. This includes people from Asia/Pacific Islands, Africans, African Americans.

6. Hispanic/Latino or Native American ancestry.

This scholarship requires specific guidelines for application, in contrast to the previously mentioned scholarship opportunities offered by the Y. Anyone with the above qualifications and a history of leadership within the YMCA organization can apply for this award.

Contrary to the other grants that the YMCA gives, those who receive funds through the Carolyn Creager Multicultural Leadership Fund can use their funds to fund training and activities and all travel-related expenses that they have to pay.

7. Fred Hoshiyama Asian Leadership Scholarship

The Fred Hoshiyama Asian Leadership Scholarship gives YMCA personnel with Asian or Pacific Islander ancestry financial assistance for development and learning by continuing education.

Students can apply for this scholarship for postgraduate or undergraduate studies. However, they must meet at least two or three qualifications or training requirements for the organization to accept the award. The scholarship program is a collaborative initiative of The YMCA and the Asian Leadership Resources Network.

To be eligible for this scholarship, you must have been employed for the YMCA for at least one full year and have received continuous, positive feedback from your supervisors. A recommendation letter will assist in obtaining this award. It is essential to mention your intention to receive the money upon submitting your application and then use them for these reasons if the YMCA accepts your application.

Once you have received the money, you must work for the YMCA for a maximum of 12 months. Following that, you’re qualified to receive reimbursement from the Fred Hoshiyama Asian Leadership Scholarship. Go to our previous section, as well as the YMCA website, for guidelines on how you can receive a refund.


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