Apply Now: Hardwick and Pendergast Scholarship 2022

Apply Now: Hardwick and Pendergast Scholarship 2022

The Hardwick and Pendergast Scholarship is returning! We’re giving the winner Washington state student and outside-of-state students 500 dollars for the best essay on how they can impact the world. There is no doubt that your actions have an impact on the people around you. Hardwick & Pendergast, P.S. is looking to provide and support … Read more

Apply Now: The Best YMCA Scholarships In 2022

The Best YMCA Scholarships

Are you employed by the Y and require financial aid to attend college? You could be qualified to receive a YMCA scholarships. Learn more about the possibilities available to full-time and part-time employees of the YMCA. The YMCA Scholarship Program is on for candidates who meet the criteria. Are you a YMCA employee in need … Read more

Apply Now: Easy Scholarships To Apply For in 2022-2023

Easy Scholarships To Apply For (1)

Although you know college is the best way to get a great job, the cost of post-secondary school can seem daunting. There are concerns about student loan debt. The U.S.’s current student debt crisis includes $1.5 trillion of student loan debt among millions of Americans struggling to make minimum monthly payments. Millions of college students … Read more

Apply Now: Online Mba Programs with Full Scholarships 2022

Online Mba Programs with Full Scholarships

Are you an aspirant MBA? Online MBA programs with full scholarships attracts thousands of applicants each year. These programs can give you the tools you need to advance your career and qualify you for many different jobs. It is well-known; however, that Online MBA programs with full scholarships require students to be financially responsible. According … Read more

Apply Now: Presidential LEEP Scholarship 2022

Presidential LEEP Scholarship

On Leap Day 2012, Clark University was the first to launch LEEP (Liberal Education and Effective Practice), a groundbreaking educational model combining extensive liberal arts education and genuine involvement with the world and the workplace. As part of LEEP, it was also announced that it was time to introduce the Presidential LEEP Scholars Program. Student … Read more

Apply Now: Rotary Foundation Global Scholarship 2022

Rotary Foundation Global Scholarship

The Rotary Foundation and clubs, invest in our future leaders and philanthropists by funding scholarships for undergraduate as well as graduate study. The Rotary Foundation uses scholarships for college graduates and professionals to study tranquility and problem resolution. Rotary peace fellowships are available to candidates who want to participate in a master’s degree or certification … Read more

Apply Now: Smooth Movers Scholarship 2022

Smooth Movers Scholarship

Smooth Movers are among the┬ámost reputable moving companies in Perth, WA. Thanks to their growth throughout the years, they would like to give back to the people in our community. We believe that students today are setting the stage for what is to come for the society of tomorrow. We have been there ourselves and … Read more