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Smooth Movers are among the most reputable moving companies in Perth, WA. Thanks to their growth throughout the years, they would like to give back to the people in our community. We believe that students today are setting the stage for what is to come for the society of tomorrow. We have been there ourselves and recognize that it can be difficult to study, pay your tuition, and live the cost of living. We’ve decided to help one student who is bright by awarding them the smooth movers scholarship which involves a $1,000 scholarship every year. Below are the information about these scholarships for masters degrees.

About Smooth Movers

In the present, it’s just a dream. Someday, the Perth removalist business might be able to provide this service at the click of a button. But until then, the top option is Smooth Movers. We promise to provide a move that is so smooth, easy, and so easy that you’ll not even notice, and you will barely move a finger to think that we’ve transported all your furniture.

Why is this important to smooth Movers: As a prominent removalist and vacate cleansing firm, we are concerned about how the housing industry will evolve in the coming years, particularly as it will affect our business practices and interact with our community.

Why should you apply fro this Scholarship

1. They help make education more accessible

As per US News & World Report, in 2020, the annual tuition for college in the US increased from $11,171 for public institutions to $41,411 for private universities. A lot of students are discouraged by the high cost of tuition. However, getting financial aid via a scholarship will give students access to opportunities they would not have otherwise. The availability of a scholarship permits students to think about an individualized program. It lessens the likelihood of being rejected and can provide opportunities to broaden their educational experience through study abroad or internship programs.

2. They also have a lot of assistance

Many universities provide their students with a wide range of financial assistance, in addition to the money from the Scholarship and guidance by a specialist at your school on making the most effective use of the Scholarship. This kind of mentorship could provide a huge benefit for students in their first year, and they’ll receive advice from a professional regarding how to utilize all the benefits of the Scholarship correctly.

3. They can help you grow your reach

Networking begins before even knowing what it means. Your circle of friends from high school, your teachers who you made connections with on the internet, and your friends with the same passions as you constitute your network. The college experience allows you to build more professional networks to make them.

A scholarship can allow students to attend events at the university and take part in activities that prove to be valuable networking opportunities. A scholarship also gives you access to an exclusive network of alumni: the recipient community. Connecting with people from your field of study who have your interests can result in many benefits in the future.

4. The masters degree scholarships you receive allow you to concentrate on your studies

For many college students, working part-time is the most effective, but it’s not the only method to finance their education. But, if your job occupies around 15 hours per week, making time for your studies and completing your degree is challenging. If you are a recipient of the opportunity to receive a scholarship, you can commit entirely to your study. The absence of work at college can significantly decrease the level of exhaustion for students, which results in a less likely possibility of dropping out.

5. They can help boost your resume

An impressive CV is essential to getting into the job market after you have graduated. The scholarships are a highly well-known award, usually based on merit, which means they only award scholarships to those with high academic standing. The opportunities that scholarships can provide will boost your professional and academic profile. A prominent feature on your resume is sure to attract the attention of hiring managers and recruiters.

Scholarship Information

  • Degree: Bachelors, Masters scholarship
  •  Subjects: All subjects
  • Provided by: The Smooth Movers
  • Deadline: 30 Nov 2022
  • Scholarship value: Partial Funding, $1,000 scholarship

Application Criteria For Smooth Movers Scholarship

To apply for the Smooth Movers Scholarship, 2022, the applicant should prepare:

  • An essay of 900 words on your views about how housing will evolve soon.
  • A two-minute video that explains the thoughts on camera

They are especially attracted by:

  • Generational shifts in living behaviours
  • What new approaches to housing are we likely to see shortly?
  • Future of Urbanisation
  • The blurring of lines between work, home and play
  • Home ownership vs. renting

Eligibility For Smooth Movers Scholarship:

Smooth Movers Scholarship

To be eligible to receive one of their masters scholarships and scholarships, you must:

  • Students applying for admission must be enrolled in an accredited college, high school or university.
  • This Scholarship is available to students from Australia, the USA, Canada and Europe.
  • Successful applicants must provide original documents proving they are full-time academic students.
  • The Smooth Movers reserves the right to refuse incomplete or copied applications.
  • Our discretion is to refuse any application that is not by a person who speaks our English language.
  • Smooth Movers {Movers reserves the right to publish entries received via any medium.
  • The Scholarship awarding is determined exclusively by the panel of The Smooth Movers’ scholarship committee.
  • Smooth Movers reserve the right to refuse or cancel the Scholarship upon being aware of any breach of conditions.

Dates & Entry Submission Details For Smooth Movers Scholarship:

  • The Scholarship will be presented on December 31 each year.
  • The deadline to submit your essay and video is November 30.
  • Submit your essay and video to
  • Winners will be directly contacted, and their information will also be posted via our Facebook and Twitter channels.


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